Pulp Distributors

The distributors are either top or bottom fed and consist of a primary boil tube which has an adjustable annular discharge to control the head in relation to the flow. The pulp is then allowed to drain to the main tank of the distributor where a head builds up over the outlets. The outlets are vented to the atmosphere to null any siphon effect.The discharge from the outlets is controlled by venturi orifice tubes which enable fine tuning to the system.This combination of balanced steady head boil tube and controlled discharge distribution tank results in a very steady and precise division of flow.


Orifice Type Distributor


The slotted type distributors are either top or bottom fed and consist of a boil box with slotted outlets, each discharging into a compartment with an outlet to feed a spiral helix. The compartments are vented to atmosphere to null any siphon effect. Under normal operating conditions the slots run only half full of pulp. If some slots get clogged with trash like roots, the pulp level will rise slightly in the boil box, but the spirals will still get some feed.


These distributors are designed and built to operate under any pressure with any number of outlets and can handle whatever flow is required.


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