Clusters & Cannisters

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METQ manufactures both orifice gravity distributors (flow controlled by an orifice to suit specific conditions) and slotted gravity distributors (flow controlled through a vertical slot). Any pressurised distributors can be built to the specification of the customer.

Flapper Valves

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Flocculant Dosing System

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Hydrocyclones play an integral part in the separation of many minerals in the South African mining industry today. METQ prides itself on being able to offer its customrs hydrocyclones of excellent quality at competative prices. Ongoing research and development ensures that the products on offer incorporate the latest in design technology, quality and service.

High Efficiency

These cyclones are efficient due to an innovative scroll inlet head resulting in:

  • Higher capacity
  • Improved cut points
  • Less turbulence
  • Reduced wear

Lightweight Construction

The shells are manufactured from reinforced polyester with a 15mm polyurethane lining to reduce the weight as much as possible without forfeiting quality.

Smooth Flowing Action

Each section is spigotted together resulting in correct alignment and combined with the smooth/low co-efficient of friction of the lining. An improved performance is thus ensured.

High Strength Corrosion Free Casing

The non-corrosive GRP casing is non-dentable. This ensures that its inside shape is retained, which maintains constant efficiency.


  • Classification
  • Desliming
  • Densifying
  • Dewatering


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Lab Shaking Table

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A large range of spiral models with different profiles, pitches, lengths, and accessories to suit specific applications are available. This range is constantly being expanded as new models are being developed. This improves recovery and efficiency. Spiral banks are supplied complete with the necessary frames, distributors, plumbing and other accessories. All are built in-house.

Low-Cost Spiral

The spiral is a low-cost gravity separator designed to treat pulp with a mineral or coal content in the 1 - 50% range by weight.

Different models with 1, 2 or 3 helixes per column and with any number of turns per helix are available, depending on the specific application. Test facilities are available to establish design criteria.

Trial units can be provided subject to availability.

Typical Applications

  • Coal
  • Gold - aluvial or free
  • Mineral sands - rutile, zircon, ilmenite
  • Tungsten
  • Silica sand
  • Chromite
  • Tin
  • Iron
  • Platinium
  • Carbon - chips or slime
  • Aluminasilicate
  • Soil cleaning
  • Sulphides

Sumps & Pumps

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Spiral Plant: Complete

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Spiral Plant: Mobile

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Spiral Plant: Test

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